It’s Friday!

And I am not cleaning my bathroom; instead I’m driving with my beautiful girl to visit my parents for the annual dog party*!

*Also a fine time to celebrate my birthday, and my grandma’s, a week early this year so more family can attend.

So rather than a long or serious post, I just thought I’d share a couple of fun articles in honor of the occasion.

5 Grown-Up Things You Should Be Doing in the Kitchen by the Time You’re 30: I’ve got a week, guys. Although I am happy to say I am cleaning up on number 1, good on 2-4, and have been guilty of offenses against number five involving take-out containers that I do solemnly swear to mostly straighten up on (hey, you know those black containers with the tight clear lids some Chinese places use? I’m fine with those).

Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today: Sophia, apparently. I share my name with a ton of 80s babies, but I love it. So glad I’m not Barbara, my 1950s name. In other news, Gertrude would apparently be a strong contender for my girl’s name at the turn of the century. I like it.


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