Now We Are Thirty

Hey, guys! I’m here briefly with a recap of the weekend. As you know, I’m working part-time from home, and that seems in practice to mean that I will have weeks with no work at all and then a couple of weeks or a few days when I have a lot that needs finished. That’s where I am this week, which makes the twenty minutes in which I wrote this absolutely stolen time.

It was a busy and exciting weekend, though. Friday I hit the dreaded milestone birthday, but rather than feel grumpy about it I had a good sit-down with myself and informed me, “Me, I can’t think of any reason to feel a lot of self-pity for the fact that I am possibly now middle-aged. After all, me, when I look back on my accomplishments this decade it’s looking pretty good. I’ve made up for the failures of the decade before by going back to school and finishing a degree (not that degree, but that’s for the best, me and I agree), I’ve bought a house with Neal that I love, and I’ve even managed to eke out a fairly last-minute slide into motherhood.” Granted, I have certainly learned to beware of goals that require stuff to happen I can’t actually control, but this hasn’t saved me from a vision of myself at forty with two beautiful beloved babies, well on their way to growing up, but still. Life is wonderful, and it is more wonderful at thirty than it was at twenty, and I have little to be afraid of as I face the future.

Amelia treated me to a couple of very special presents for my birthday, too. With the collusion of her daddy she presented me with a very interesting and intimidating GPS athletic watch. I’m going to keep an eye out for a little kid’s bike trailer because running is highly unlikely (I’ve tried running, even completed a 5K, and we don’t suit), and the watch will have to accustom itself to working only at the most glacial of paces, but it’s a good bite of accountability on my fitness goals, just sitting there waiting for me to take it. Far more precious was the gift she gave me Thursday all by herself: a quite deliberate roll from tummy to back, executed with much fanfare from mommy and completely self-satisfied complacence from infant. She has since repeated the trick several times and for various audiences so it’s official: my baby can roll over. One way, anyhow, but I’m not sure how motivated she feels about going the other way.

I am not sure if this forum will hear from me again before the weekend; as I mentioned I have lots to accomplish. But just for a preview of upcoming information, here’s what I’ve been working on house-wise:

  • A plan of attack for the incoming stuff dilemma. This weekend has been arranged to include a quick shopping trip for supplies, and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I’ll have a delightful solution to present.
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy. True confession, no progress whatsoever has been made on floors, beyond a good sweeping. However, great strides have been taken against clutter, fueled by having some friends over for dinner Saturday night, and really very little work remains for full kitchen recovery and nearly all of that involves a load of dishes that, against all my good resolutions, I didn’t do.
  • Some preliminary planning for a good material-goods purge. I think with some work (and clear eyes on the prize and not the stuff) that I can make some fantastic progress on the clutter I loathe. Mostly by stuffing into bags or my car and making it go away.

One thought on “Now We Are Thirty

  1. Hopefully, my darling granddaughter will take it upon herself to work on grabbing skills so you can work this week. That swing will be well used, I am sure.


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