About Us

FamilyPhoto_PinkHi! I’m Jennifer and you’ve found my blog, a new venture where I share the everyday challenges my family faces as we transition to a new lifestyle: within four months we added a our first baby, my husband changed industries, and I left my job to be a full-time mom and a part-time freelancer.

My husband Neal and I met almost eleven years ago as undergraduates at Purdue University, and have been married for almost ten years. Neal recently left his engineering position in the aerospace industry to seek out new challenges in the automotive sector, while I’ve spent the past several years working for a university publisher and now pick up freelance editing to augment our one-income budget. Our daughter Amelia has not yet made a career decision but I can attest to her brilliant skills at smiling, sleeping, leaving small smelly puddles, and, recently, grabbing things.

We live in a small grey house with a bright yellow door in small-town Indiana, a house which has frankly suffered from our previously busy nine-to-five lifestyle. My husband did his best to keep up with his gardening hobby, and we both struggled together to take proper care of the indoors; I admit that housekeeping does not come naturally to me. Now that I’m home, I’ll be working to develop those skills and make our house the home a growing baby, earnest mama, and hardworking papa need and deserve.


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